Matthew Hattersley is pictured here on his  level 5 skydive , in this case a
perfect exit. 

Robert did his check dive and got back into skydiving after a long absense
..looks more relaxed now :)

Aaron Houliham geting ready for level 4 with Jane

Darren Fallows hes enjoying himself having completed his ground school yesterday
and finishing on level 5 today.

Aaron did the same as Darren and finished on level 5 today.

Riccardo joins us from Portugal for the AFF Course.

Here are some stills from Darrens level 4 skydive.

Level 4 exit

Checking out the landing area! Nice soft ground for as far as the eye can see,
while its important to learn accuracy under canopy it is nice for students to 
know that if they make an error of judgement in developing those skills the 
consequence is a long walk and beers for fellow students! 

Nice Body position!

Darren 360 turns