28th April @ the Freefall University

Today was an interesting day for the school  as we had an extreme sports  program from television espanola on the dropzone. They are making a documentary to be aired in September about learning to skydive. 


Freefly to the MAX

With a minimum of two turbine aircraft ready to get to 13,500 feet on hand at  all times we are seeing a rewarding increase in the number of fun jumpers choosing  our dropzone for their skydiving.  We are have many …


27th April at the Freefall Uni Spain

Matthew Hattersley is pictured here on his  level 5 skydive , in this case a perfect exit. 


Joe McGee AFF Level 5


26th April

Congratulations to James Cole who is a  Pharmacist from London. He graduated his AFF course today.