The boys are all graduated in just 3 days time, Phil, Anthony, Alex, Richard and Steve.Well done guys.

And this is how they thank you:-)

Welcome to Cillin Whelan, just finished his ground training with Darren and ready for level1.

And up we do…

Lindsay Rountree arrived yesterday, here you see him ready for his 1st jump with Ryan.

Birds all around:-)

Welcome to Alexander Adams, who join us for an AFF Course.

Alex brother, Nicholas Adam, also doing the course.

Welcome to James Owens, finally here ah?

Congratulations to Gareth Rowson, Gareth finish his course in just one day jumping.

Lindsay on the left ready for his level 4, and James on the right graduated in just 2 days.

Welcome to Katrina Baxter from Dubai, just arrived with her cousin  Kyle Acrill for an AFF Course with us.

Here is Kyle after a cold shower.

Welcome to Emily Boland, Jane will be her instructor.

Happy face after her level 2 today

Lindsay and Alex, after another jump.

They cant stop smiling , Gareth after another sunset load.

Cillin, 4 levels in one day, level 5 next.

Kyle is graduated, and this is what you get…