The boys are in town, Tom, Dave, Alex and Chris getting ready for fun jumping.

Welcome to Kent, from Norway, he is starting is course today with Jane.

Filomon, Darren and Kent.

Peter is taking his FJC on a wing suit with Miki.

Welcome to Graham, a life dream came true:-)

Steve Williams join us for an AFF Course.

Chris Crokford with Mike and Tim, ready for his level 1.

Kent is almost graduated, level 7 next, full course in just 3 days.

Chris Nightingal with his instructor Ryan, Chris started his course yesterday.

Ruth and Jane, 5 levels done so far.

Graham is now graduated and clear to jump solo, well done mate.

Saeid just arrived to learn to skydive with us and here he is enjoying sunny Spain.

Kristian Sackey just arrived for an AFF Course.

Extreme boys are in town, Alex, Phil, Antony, Richard and Steve doing ground school with Darren.

Charlie after a long time waiting here he is learning how to skydive.

Isaac is back for more fun, he graduated last month with us.

Alan is visiting us for formation skydive coaching.

Oh God, lets hope for the best.

John Gilliam, ground school done, lets get some jumps done.

Alex is back as well to complete his course.