Welcome to Matthew Moore who just arrived for an AFF Course, here you see him training his body
position with Jane.

Welcome to Paul Welford, did his GS yesterday and 3 jumps so far today, all passed:-)

Danny Coultrup is also stating his course this week, go Danny…

Welcome to Howard Maile who is visiting us for an introduction to Skydive Course.

Ben Carter arrived yesterday, gs done and 3 levels today.

Congratulations to Mike Williams who just passed his wingsuit FJC, well done Mike…

Jonno Lavis, all the way from Australia, did his course just 3 weeks ago and at the moment he is close to
100 dives….

Welcome back to Wayne and Miki, once again back in sunny Spain for fun jumping.

Welcome to Dwayne Webster on the right, he arrived last saturday and did 6 jumps so far, level 7 next:-)