The “gang” is back together, Mike, Jo, Darren and Marcel just landing after a 4 way dive.

Congratulations to Damian and Steve that just passed the wing suit course. 2 new birds ready to fly.

Welcome to Annet Macdonald that just arrived for an AFF Course with us.

Darren Mallard also join us today for a Skydiving course.

Welcome back to Robert, after many week of waiting is back in sunny Spain for fun jumping.

Steve is also back, Steve did his AFF Course last year with us and he is back to get his A license.

Welcome to Jonno Lavis from Australia, he arrived 2 days ago for an AFF Course and today he is doing his level 7 already, well done Jonno.

Congratulations to Phil Gamett, did his AFF Course in just 3 day.Nice….

Norman is also back to finish his consol jumps, wonder what he is reading!!!???

Freeze…… Jason is back, lets look normal…

To much sun…

Phil finished all his consols, AFF and consols in 1 week, no problema…