Well come back to all, Dinesh, Jacki, Naomi, Guy, Erik Andy and Darren, few of them doing the AFF Course, and others just coming back for a few more jumps in the sun.

Erik Fornamek just finish his course in just 3 days.

Ashley Hall with Ernesto, his instructor.

Adam Harman and Jane King, Adam did his course with us this week and Jane is doing a Tandem skydiver before her AFF Course.

Adam exiting the plane above Madrid on his consols.

Miki, one of the resident going out of the plane with his wing suit

Edu, also one of the instructor on the out side of the plane.

Rebecca and Darren, they will be doing the AFF Course during the next few days.

Rory and Darren on a boarding call.

Paul Richards ans Andy, Paul is on level 6 next.

Paul will take his girl friend for a Tandem as well.

A nice exit shot from Paddy, a returning student, on exit.

Naomi taking a deep breath before exit. have a nice on girl.

Fraser is also back, this time he is doing his FS1 Course .

Erik on consols.

Erik, Noami, Adam having fun in the plane.

Darren Curley exiting.

Dinesh Pall returning to FFU.

Noami with Ulli, her instructor.

Darren, about to do his level 4 today.

This is Jackson, Adam beautiful German Shepard.

Rebecca going up for her 1st consol. have fun.

Wild animals in Spain:-)

THE sexy face.

Not sure what this is suppose to be.

Darren 1st wing suit flight.

Lets go up… hop…hop….