Phil Birch exiting te plane at 13.000fts.

Time for Andrew, have a great jump mate.

“THE” manifest man, fun jumping on his day off:-)

Well come back to Jennifer, She complete her AFF Course last week with us, and she is already back.

Lloyd Williams going up with Andy for his level 4

Samantha finished the course in just 3 days and ow she is cracking on with consols.

Well come to Matt Mountney who join us for an AFF Course, pictured here during his GS with Tim.

France and England are in peace now:-) Leon, Phillippe and Ryan freeflying together.

Lloyd, Will traning with his BASE canopy and Andy on a boarding call.

Phil, Jennifer and George, all returning student over the weekend.

Akos and Andrew shaking hands just before exit… mandatory in every jump…

Darren, witch is thinking about buying a house in Aranjuez, here taking is time before exit.

Well come to Debby and Justin, that arrived yesterday for an AFF Course.

Phil is getting his A License, and for that he needs to know how to back.

We have now available load organizing, today was FS, 15 way…

George checking his rig just before boarding.

Lets see who wins, Matt or Peter

Well come to Robert Daley, he arrived yesterday, did his GS and here he is ready for his level 1 with Ulli and Jane.

Richard, Nick and George all FFU Graduated.

Debby with Jane on her level 3 today.

This will be the graduation jump for Matt… go for it Matt.

Skydivers show they ass to pilot on the sunset fly by:-) nice….

Jane makes sure all is on camera.

Thanks Jorge, for a great day…

Time for beer now…