The new hangar is ready and we’re moving in:-)

Full with style… Darren is back to stay apparently.

Darren and Andrew are now jumping together, Andrew was a few months away from the sport so he needs to catch up.

Enlloiii team training. Next mission Switzerland

Nick Heppenstall who join us for an AFF Course, did 3 level today.

Matt Rudd AFF Course finished is 3 days….

Matt Dale having a rest between jumps, 6 levels so far.

Max Geerlings from complete beginner to solo skydiver is just 3 days…

Phil from the Dragon team is back… Hairy Marie next…

Well come to Ray smith that join us for an AFF Course, here pictured doing GS with Tim.

It was never a secret for me…. Manifest and Pilots love each other’s.

Richard Trotman is visiting us for an AFF Course, did 3 jumps on his first day, probably paying beer tomorrow.

Congratulations to Samantha Knight, she just passed her course:-) well done girl.

Well come to Lloyd Williams who join us for an AFF Course with his friend MarkParson pictured bellow.

Well come to Spain Mark.