Tim, Paul and Matt, i still don’t have any words for these 3:-), i just know they love Cheers.
Check the boys with the new skydiving suits.

Well come to Vincent Wilson, he did GS yesterday and here he is ready for is first skydive.

Akos… Best manifest man ever :-) taking the day off to try his new freefly suit.

Well come to Magnus Houstin, that just arrived for an AFF course, GS 1st thing in the morning.

Peter arrived yesterday, he have no previous skydiving experience, did 2 hours of fun
in the wind tunnel, and here he is ready for level 1.

Magnus boarding one of ours Pilatus Porter with his instructor Jane.

Freefall University Dragon Team, all FFU graduated students that keep returning for fun jumping.
Be careful if you see them in town:-)

Well come to Lucia Hosekova, Lucia lives and works in Switzerland, she arrived yesterday did GS
and 3 jumps today, so far.

Peter just landed, 1 more jump and he is a graduated skydiver:-)

Yap… this can possibly be your instructor.

He still loves Cheers