Ryan Fu Ling… Our “white/pink” AFF Instructor taking a dive.

Desmond that started his AFF Course last week, have almost 30 skydive jumps, we cant stop him….

Well come to Tim Freegard and Paul Bateman, cracking on with the ground school with Jane.

Well come as well to Matt Leaver that arrived with Paul and Tim, he is recording most of the Skydiving Holidays.

Patrick Duncan just landed from his level 5, and a smile is normally a good signal.

Stefan Starke from Germany, used to Horizontal speed as a profissinal bike rider, decided to have a go on vertical speed, AFF Couse completed in just 3 days.

Claire Davies is back for more sun and jumps,

And so his Kathryn, AFF completed consols next.

John Foreman just visiting us for a weeked, he fiished all his consols now, lets see what’s next…FS1?

Darren is back, whatch out…he looks happy because he sold a car today at the DZ:-)

Patrick and Mike on the deebrief room, they tried to look normal for the camera, but didnt work….

Tim just passed his level 5 today.

Paul….Paul…..Paul…. what can i say about Paul…. He loves Cheers:-)

Claire, John and Darren, they up to something….

A sport…. a friend… a family……

James Venn passed his level 5 today,

Brian Haraldson from Iceland, jumping with Jane, dong great on his AFF Course.

Donald Gillies, about to finish his course, lets see how level 6 goes, have fun Donald