Well come to Michael Iles, he came along with his father for an AFF Course.
No need to say that he is a BIG guy, the picture says everything:-)

Desmond Reardon from Ireland also arrived today, here we see him with Danilo checking his rig.

Dinesh Pall returning student did his course in May with us and here he is again to finish
his consols.

Jacqui is back for FS1, did her course with us last year, keep coming back more or less every month
we can more or less say that she is resident:-)

Sharon Wickes arrived yesterday for an AFF course with us, here she is pictured with Jane, one of ours British  instructor, level 1 here we go, her brother is arriving in a few days for an FS1.Course

Well come to Nelson Thevasagayan, did his GS yesterday and 3 jumps so far, well done Nelson.

Paula doing the same as Nelson.

Chris Woodall is doing his AFF with us, he is a teacher and now become a student:-)

Desmond Reardon boarding for his level 3, Desmond is taking a day off skydiving to visit Madrid tomorrow.

Michael Iles Boarding level 4, he work as bodygard.

Chris, Jacqui, Peter and Nelson chillout, THEY ALL GOING OUT FOR FOOD TODAY:-)

Kieren Murthy returning student, WENT TO THE ZOO YESTERDAY:-)