27th of July at the Freefall University

Well come back to Simon Wolfe, he is visiting us just for the weekend with a few friends for a Tandem Jump.


New accommodation available

We’re happy to inform that we have new accommodation available in the nearest town of Aranjuez. Danco country house 30 pounds per person, includes free of charge:Canoeing, Mountain bikes,Archery, swimming pool. On request: Night Laser, Paintball, Sumo fights, night and …


What Skydivers do when they’re not jumping….

BBQ because we also need food as normal people


3rd week of July at the Freefall University

Tim, Paul and Matt, i still don’t have any words for these 3:-), i just know they love Cheers. Check the boys with the new skydiving suits.


10th of July at the Freefall University

Ryan Fu Ling… Our “white/pink” AFF Instructor taking a dive.