This months sees lots of activity with AFF; formation skydiving and experienced jumpers from home and abroad enjoying jumping from the 2 Pilatus Porter Above we have former AFF Students, Tim, Marc, Ed and James.

Simon Wolfe is also back now, he joined us to complete another round of fun jumping in the FFU Ocaña. Simon started his course a few weeks ago with us.

Simon and James getting ready to jump out.

Last day of skydiving for Phil, For Phil this is the end portion of a long summer travel. He have to fly back to Australia.

Stop smilin.. this is serious… freefall puts a smile on your face no matter what! Here is Tim on one of his jumps.

Lets fly , Turbine sunset. Here you see another sunset load embark. With us its very simple. Arrive , train .. tell us how many jumps you want to do .. ten a day ?? no problemo.. Marc on exit.

James Nolan has finished his AFF Course in style and is now jumping solo. He had completed about 15 solos and still has a few days left with us!

Ian Kentish  joined us for an AFF course. Our AFF courses are fanatastic fun and great to come on your own or in a group. Theres always lots happening..