Steven Nolan and Phil Nolan are now graduated, Consols next boys, we will be posting videos soon.

Congratulations to John Foreman, He made his challenge of throwing himself out of an airplane and got his graduation done!

Claire is graduated and After finishing her AFF  proposes this multiple choice question to anyone thinking about doing the course:

If you have a week of holidays you:
A – lie on the beach and get bored
B – go and visit a rubbish city
C – learn to fly
And the answer is…

Wellcome to Kathryne Legg, she arried yesterday for ground school, her instructor
will be Mike.

Jeremy and John now graduated Skydiver:-), they joined us for an AFF course which they completed in no time at all with us.

Gareth is back and has been enoying the sunshine.

Mike has come back for some more fun jumping having qualified on our AFF course a not
long ago. 

Wellcome to Peter Healy who is here to complete an AFF course.