Smiley face of Angel during one FS coach jumps.

Henry is back for some fun jumping

Mike is also back as well

Mike here in freefall pictured by Ryan

James Turner is back….again:-)

Tom is visiting us this time for his Coach instructor Course, Tom did is AFF Course last year with us.

And where  is James is Alfie, well come back Alfie

Well come to Jacki and Denish, that arrives yesterday for an AFF Course.

Steven Leung is also back for fun jumping in the sun.

Jacki after one of her jumps, we can see by her face that was great fun.

Denish is also doing great, they will be both graduated very soon.

Well come to Tamas Kormos that just arrived for an AFF Course.

Philip Nelson also arrived today, here we see him with Ryan during his Ground School.

Well come to Claire Davies, after being waiting weeks in the UK to complete her Level 1,
she decided that was time to get it done… and here she is, and not alone.

Jeremy Davies (Claire’s husband) is also completing his AFF Course with the Freefall University.

And so is John Foreman, they’ll be all graduated in just 3 days.

And on Ground school we have Steven Holden, Steven is working and living in Germany

Phil Holden (Steven’s brother) during his Ground School.

Well come as well to Jevegenijs, that just arrived for and AFF Course.