Check this out…. Batman just landed… (Kevin) 30 jumps in one week, well done Kevin
Hope you back soon.

Steven boarding for his level 5 today.

James Baker arrived yesterday, did his ground school and here he is ready for his
1st skydive.

Well come to Adam Brown that also arrived yesterday with James for an AFF Course.

Level 1 passed, lets get level 2 done, have fun James.

Adam Brown did is level 1, 2 and 3 today.

Last day of holidays for our FS friends:-( Darren, Jo and Mark have to get back to real life soon.

Well come to Ben Barden and Dominic Simmonds, they just arrived and they are happy to start
ground school today with Ryan.
Freefall Uni runs AFF Courses every single day, you make your own schedule, just let us know
when you would like to start and we will have an instructor ready for you:-)

Peter did his AFF Course in just 2 day and he is about to finish his 10 consols, that’s
great for him but bad for his Credit Card :-)

Batman (Kevin, view from the back) that’s really something i need to share….