Far far away from home (Qatar) Salah is having a great experience doing a Tandem Jump.

Jo and Darren on another 2 way FS jump, 18 points in 50 sec. that’s awesome.

Darren and Jo did 10 jumps today :-)

Our crazy student of the week :-) “Batman” have at the moment 28 jumps, Kevin started
from complete beginner  (AFF) 6 days ago…

Tom, Kevin and Darren, no one can stop them now.

Congratulations to Peter that finished his AFF today, ground school and 7 amazing levels in
just 3 days, no problema… Consols next.

Last day for Tom:-( but he will be back soon.

Don’t really know what’s going on on this one.

A big well come back to Gwyn, after a few months away from the sport due to work and
weather in the UK, he is back in the sky in sunny Spain.

I told you he is crazy:-)

Well Come to Steven Price, English living in Germany that came to Spain for an AFF Course:-)

Peter is on consols now, have fun mate.