Hello to Lucy that visit us for a Tandem jump, Lucy decided to have a nice weekend
away from England, booked a cheap flight to Madrid and here she is…

Hop and Pop and 6 consolidation jumps in one day, well done John:-)

Well come to Peter Williams, Peter arrived yesterday and here he is ready for his 1st AFF Jump.

Darren and Jo are doing great jumping together, photos of a nice 2 way will be updated soon.

Mr Batman is learning a lot (his own words) in the last few days, Kevin he are here to help

Here he goes.

Arch Batman… arch….

Tom is still around, he have almost 20 jumps done in less then 5 days…

The “boys” are back after another great jump…

Ian is now on consols and decide to stay longer… he have no return flight booked for now…

Henry (Lucy’s boyfriend) on his Tandem jump.

The fly by from own pilot Jorge after the sunset load.