Congratulations to Tom Pembrey that finish his AFF Course today, used to fly planes
now he knows the feeling of jumping from them.

Well Come to Kevin Haswell, Batman for friends, he is visiting us for an AFF Course.

First time with us this year for Freefly coach, Nick Jones.

Well come back and congratulations to John McGullough, John passed his course today after being
4 months away from the sport.

Thumbs up for Ian Bird, he also finished his course today:-)

Bryan Smail just arrived for his AFF Course, here we see him having a look at the equipment.

Maria from Mexico, is visiting FFU and having a great time freeflying.

Kevin and his Batman pants did 5 levels today, well done kevin.

They’re weird?They special? i dont know what they’re….

The Spanish Police force is checking the skies from now on:-)