Michael and Wayne in one of the training jumps today. Once again a big thank you to all
the staff, 21 loads today… again:-)

Ian is now on Level 4 of his AFF Course.

Congratulations to Craig Muir that finished his AFF Course in just 2 days, well done Craig.

Claire McGrath was also graduated today, well done girl.

And so did her sister Denise, Congratulations Denise.

Robert, one of many returning student exiting the plane at 13.500 ft.

Ian and John arrived today for some Freefly over Ocaña.

thumbs up to Josh Maheady that passed his course this morning as well, lets get some consols in.

James doing an amazing track over the drop zone.

James enjoying the view:-)

this 2 are very special people:-) so i am not really sure what they’re doing here…

Matt Starkie is cracking on his consols after his AFF Course.

Well come back to Richard Lancaster, Richard did his AFF last summer with us.

Well come to Tom Pembrey that arrived yesterday for an AFF Course, Tom is a commercial Pilot
and now he wants to know how is it to jump out of a perfect working airplane.

Well come also to Robin Dimond, he did his GS yesterday and here we see him boarding one of our
Pilatus for his level 1.