The “Boys” are now all AFF graduated and spending time impressing the girls in Town,
Meet Dolly the “girl” that couldn’t resist….

John exiting the plane with his instructor Andy on his level 4, nice exit John.

Henry graduated in just 2 days, going out for his 1st consol.

And so hi Philip, have a good one:-)

John doing 360º turns on his level 5, with a big smile on his face as well.

Mike (left) and Danilo (right) getting coach from Mark Harris, BMCI.

Well come back to Mike Lall, he id his course with us last year.

Rob Campbell is also back for fun jumping, another FFU graduated.

Also graduated last year, Darren heap is back again.

Philip is just about to go up for his level 7, good reason to smile:-)

Andrew McGrath doing his FS1 with Jane, nice….

Rob always smiling…. he passed his level 5 today, 6 next…

Well come back to Steve Sandle, he did his course beginning of this year, and he
is already back.

Jonathan Maunder, also Graduated in just 2 days, is cracking on consols now…

Paraic Haughney that started his AFF Course yesterday is doing level 6 next.

We cant stop them anymore, Philip and Henry.

Andrew and Glenn, also non stopping today:-)