Well come to Paddy Haughney that just arrived for an AFF Course

Well come also to John Dippnall, John arrived today and he starting Ground school with

Well come back to Jordan, he did his course at the Freefall Uni last year and now he brings
his friend John (previous picture) for an AFF Course.

Jonathan Maunder that arrived yesterday for an AFF Course, did his Ground school with Jane
and he is now ready for his level one, thumbs up to you to John:-)

Congratulations to Louis, he just passed his Course, a man of word, passed the Course and
shaved his head, you look good Louis.

Does he have style or what? Rob just passed his level 3 and he is ready for level 4.

Most of the boys that started the course yesterday are graduated now graduated.
AFF Course in just two and half days… no problema:-)

Glenn keeps smiling and fun jumping…

And s is Jordan, almost 40 jumps by now.

Congratulations to Philip Birch, graduated in 2 days, well done Philip.

Jonathan is doing great on his course, 4 level passed on his first day of Skydiving.

Philip Aitken gearing up for his AFF level 4, have fun mate.