When the boys come in to town all the girls go crazy…:-)
From left to right: Philip Aitken (AFF), Steve McRory (AFF), Henry Porter (AFF), Andrew McGrath (fun jumping),
Mark Harris, Andy Gregory, Philip Birch (AFF) and Mike Evans.

Louis Blight start his course yesterday, is on level 4 next, well done Louis.

Philip Birch going up for his level 1.

Philip Aitken is also doing level one with Mike.

Andrew is the responsible man for this group of students, so how he manage to get
all his friends in to it.

Philip After his level 1, big smile is a good thing.

Philip Birch also after his level 1 skydive.

Time for Steve, Level 1 here i go.

Henry don’t want to stay behind. check mini mouse also wants to be in the picture.

Steve is well impressed ah?

Henry after his first jump. he says that he have no coments….