Mark Rose is now graduated and jumping solo:-), AFF Course in just 3 days, no problema!

Well come to Phil Stuart, Phil arrived yesterday, did is Ground School with Ulli and today he on level 3.

Congratulations to Craig Adamson, also graduated in just 3 days.
Short message from Craig to someone in Scotland: “I miss you”:-)

Thumbs up for Tom Pridle, finish is AFF Course and already on his 6 consol.

Well come back to Sarah, she did her AFF Course with te Freefall Uni last year.

And so did Jo, well come back to sunny Spain.

Hello, again… Alfie changed a little bit since last time we saw him, as you can see in this picture.
He is a bit lady at the moment….

I am not lying…

Miles is still around having some fun..

Phil finish is course today, well done Phil

This picture is for Mike Evans…. Mike as you can see, it wasn’t me!!!!

Craig is having fun jumping with James, Ernesto and Alfie

James, Ernesto and Lynsey…

check the Photo of the day, and let us know if you know who is it…. Reward… free jump…