Jacqui Day is back for another weekend at the Freefall University, and this time i managed to get
nice photos of her:-) and this time she’s not alone, on the left we have Eugene and on the right Gary,
nice to see you guys:-)

Well come back to Philipa, Philipa did her AFF Course with FFU last year.

Shhssssh… She’s having a “siesta” Lynsey also did her AFF Course with the Freefall Uni last year
and now is back for some fun jumping.

Hola to Albert Higgins that just arrived for an AFF Course with us, and he is not alone…

Mark Rose is also starting his AFF Course today

And the happy smiling face of Craig Adamson, Craig is also doing his AFF Course this weekend.
Craig says “hi” to his girlfriend , back in Scotland.:-)))))))

Well come back to our friends James, Ernesto, Craig and Alfie.
This is what a call “extreme” team… you never know what they’re up to.

This time we didn’t had to push Philipa in the plane:-)

Lynsey is doing as much as she can… non stop…

Nice to finally meet Tom Priddle:-), Tom arrived this morning for an AFF Course and he is on
Ground school at the moment.

Muni, our local Doctor:-)

James and Miles, best mates ah?

Craig passed his level 3 today, well done Craig.

Albert going up for his level 2, have fun Albert.

Mark is also doing great on his AFF Course, level 3 next.

Happy faces, Lynsey, Miles and Philipa.

“extreme” team goes up for one more crazy idea. Cross country, that means they will be jumping 4 miles away from the DZ, open around 10.000 fts and have a nice and loooong canopy ride back.
as a backup they are taking Mobiles, money and a spanish phrase book:-)
And i hope, a good pair of shoes….