Welcome back to Mike Jasinski, Mike did his AFF Course with us last Xmas, this is his 3rd time in Spain so far this year and he is just about to reach 30 jumps :-)

Mike Williams is also back to Spain for a few more jumps, whats wrong with your finger mike?

Grant McPherson is also back, with his new rig, his new suit and his new helmet, you look good Grant.

Pablo and Miguel join us for the Formation Skydive Event.

Oh look at this, look at this. don’t they look good? Ah… Computer says nooooo:-)
From left to Right: Grant, Pablo, Mike Evans, Mike Robinson,Wayne,Mike J. and Mike Williams.Lots of Mike’s ah?
The Formation Skydive week just start and they will all be doing one-on-one coaching and by the end of the week big formations jumps. Hope you guys have fun… and Grant no food tonight ok?

Not sure, but i think Mike is telling him the same… No food tonight!

Andy enjoying his free jumps:-)

Good job Mike, 18º, blue sky and no wind, perfect for Skydiving, one of the best things of central Spain.