26th February 2009

Congratulations to Ryan that just passed his Tandem Rating, well done Ryan.

Mike Fallon that did his ground school yesterday today is ready for his 1st AFF jump. have fun Mike.

The craziest mate at the drop zone:-) Miky with his new wingsuit. Enjoooooooyy:-)

Wayne and Grant from fat Team, getting ready for some action in the sky

Wayne pictured by Ryan

Mike is also doing some one on one caching with Mike Evans.

And the boys are going up again…

24th Feb at the Freefall University

Another sunny day in central Spain, 18¬ļ, blue sky and no wind, lets see what the boys ad girls are up to today:-)

this 3 i am not really sure what they up to…. they kind of “special”

ah, this 5 ones are even more “special” Mike,Mike,Grant,Wayne and Mike…

Wayne and Fernando going up for a 2 way…

last day for Mike William;-(

Mike Robinson join us during the Formation Skydive week.

A 5 way?

Welcome to Mike Fallon, Mike just arrived for an AFF Course with the Freefall University.

Akos the best ground control, manifest,packer ever… i wonder if he can cook.

23rd February 2009, sunny Madrid

Welcome back to Mike Jasinski, Mike did his AFF Course with us last Xmas, this is his 3rd time in Spain so far this year and he is just about to reach 30 jumps ūüôā

Mike Williams is also back to Spain for a few more jumps, whats wrong with your finger mike?

Grant McPherson is also back, with his new rig, his new suit and his new helmet, you look good Grant.

Pablo and Miguel join us for the Formation Skydive Event.

Oh look at this, look at this. don’t they look good? Ah… Computer says nooooo:-)
From left to Right: Grant, Pablo, Mike Evans, Mike Robinson,Wayne,Mike J. and Mike Williams.Lots of Mike’s ah?
The Formation Skydive week just start and they will all be doing one-on-one coaching and by the end of the week big formations jumps. Hope you guys have fun… and Grant no food tonight ok?

Not sure, but i think Mike is telling him the same… No food tonight!

Andy enjoying his free jumps:-)

Good job Mike, 18¬ļ, blue sky and no wind, perfect for Skydiving, one of the best things of central Spain.

Up Coming Events March 2009 Wingsuit Boogie

A typical skydiver’s terminal velocity in belly to earth orientation ranges from 110 to 140 mph (180 to 225 km/h). A wingsuit can reduce these speeds dramatically. An instantaneous velocity of 25 mph or 40 km/h has been recorded, but 60 mph (95 km/h) is more typical.

The suit also enables the wearer to travel longer distances horizontally; glide ratios of 2.5:1 are commonplace.


On July 24, 2008, Australian doctor Glenn Singleman jumped from 37,000 feet over central Australia setting a world record for highest wingsuit jump.

Dare devil Swiss Wingsuit flyer Ueli Geoenaghatz raced a passenger plane from mainland Ireland, Co Galway to the Aran Islands jumping from 5,000 metres. The 17.6 km journey which normally takes the Aer Arran passenger plane 7 mins travelling at an average sped of 130mph was beaten by Ueli in a wingsuit as he reached speeds of over 200kmph.

Up Coming Events April 2009 Freefly Boogie

Mike Carpenter      Volare Team

Mike has over 5000 skydives and has represented Great Britain 7 times at international competition and world and european records.  Mike trains full time for international and national Freefly Skydiving competitions and is also a BPA/ IBA and USPA freefly coach.We love to fly, we love to teach others to improve their flying.  If you’re just starting out, or require top level, world class coaching, then we can help you achieve your goals.

Bronze at World Championships
Silver at World Challenge
Gold in British VFS and Artistic Nationals

Nils Predstrup           Funkflyz Team

Artistic bodyfly is an idea shared by many freeflyers worldwide.
After freestyle flying in competitions for 7 years, I’m taking my flying one step further.
I’m using the freedom of movement in the sky to create a stage of expression.
The freedom of movement in the sky and the ability to completely surrender to gravity is so power full and hold a huge potential that is just waiting for us to go and explore.
My passion is to learn, document and communicate this freedom in an expressive form of flying dance art – I like to call Artistic bodyfly.
My idea is to show a place where we can live our dreams, a place where people can fly. I think inspiration is very important in all human lives. I wish to inspire people thru
artistic bodyflying.

1999: 5th place, World Championship,
Gold, Danish Nationals.
2000: Bronze, World Cup,
Gold, European Cup.
2001: Gold, World Air Games,
Gold, World Championships.
2002: Gold, World Cup.
Gold, European Cup.
2003: Gold, World Championships.
2004: Gold, World Championships.
2005: Gold, Malevsky Cup.
Gold, World Cup.
Gold, World Games

Last few Weeks

Well Come to Nick Buffini that just arrived for an AFF Course, paper work is done so, ready to start GS

Jane, one of our instructors is getting start with BASE Jumping

First the packing, and let me tell you Jane, that looks good

Phillipe from France is also doing a BASE Course with us

Michael from Switzerland, did his BASE Course last year with us and now he is back for some more low jumps
lets see how they do over the next few days!

Wayne is back….again… after doing his AFF and FS1 with Freefall University, Wayne is back for some fun jumping in Spain

Well come back to Alfie, once again he is in the “surface”

Ground school done…lets have some fun in the sky with Nick, have fun Nick!