Today we say goodbye to Tom Smith, back to work tomorrow…:-(  He has completed
over 300 skydives with us since completing his AFF course at the FFU. He has completed
our formation skydiving course, freefly course and our birdman course and is now working
with us to begin to get his professional ratings. He will be with us at the Algarve boogie , so
if you fancy meeting a true sky god this is your chance.. ok just kidding we are sad to see you
leave Tom and look forward to having you back for some mor funn !

Gwyn that finish his AFF course yesterday has now completed his consols.

Hana Beer getting ready for her level 2 this morning

Tim King did 3 level today so far, doing great under the canopy, no radio help after level 2

Thomas did 3 jumps today having started the Ground school yesterday.

Jonathan Neal did four of his AFF levels today and will finish the course tommorrow.