Alfie Jackson  is back again for some more skydiving at the FFU Madrid.

Well Come to Craig Divitt that just arrived for an AFF Course, Craig did a Tandem 8 years ago.

Dan Smith is also backfor some more fun jumping having trained on the AFF
program with us some time ago.

Geofrey Tsai is also back and is clearly suffeing from too much adrenaline ! :)

Gwilyn Wilkins is cracking on with  his course, level 4 about to be done!

Henry Fitzsimons an experienced jumper has popped in for a long weekend of

James Somerville from the Wales Parachute team  is doing great, level 4 next

Mark Sanderson is also getting there, doing level 4 next also

Phil May is also doing great, just landed from his level 4 in this photo.

Shaun Moody on the plane, ready for his level 4 as well

Alfie going up again

And so is Dan Smith

Shaun Moody boarding for one more today

and so is Mark Sanderson.

Sweet day and tommorrow we hope that this entire group graduates, While they are
doing consols we have a group of five British friends booked in for the AFF programme,
we will introduce them to you tommorrow.