James Tasker who did his ground school for AFF  yesterday is about to do his
1st jump this morning.

Alistair Packard is doing great on his AFF course having recently joined us and
is now on level 7.

Robert Bolton is also ready for his level 1having joined us yesterday afternoon.

Gareth  has been jumping away packs before  one last jump before heading
back to the UK.

Noel Durack from Ireland now on his fifth visit has been packing in the jumps.

Steve is leaving us today also …:-:( back to workdouble :(

Last day for David too , hope to see you soon again.

Jordan Maguire finished his course early this afternoon  morning having ground
schooled yesterday morning. Well done Jordan!

James after his level 5, that was enough for one day on the AFF course , ground
school yesterday and 5 skydives today.

Jason Connolly arrived yesterday completed his aff course ground school and started
skydiving today.

Robert Bolton also did 5 jumps tday