BUUUUU!!!! Dude Halloween is ages away but well in the spirit of preperation..

Welcome to Jordan Maguire just arrived for an AFF Course with us here at the Freefall
University ( Spain ) .

Well come back to Wesley, he will start FS1 formation skydiving course with

David is also back for some more skydiving.

And so is Gareth

Steve is here to get his  B License.

Neil Davies our AFF graduate from early in the week now has 27 jumps ( 19
of which are solo ) . He  has extended his stay with us with the intention of
doing another 30 skydives  in the coming days. So glad you like it Mate
and glad you are staying on.

Birds of a feather will flock together. The flock this weekend is schweet. Birdman
LO is next  The word is the flock will be getting bigger …

Old friends are back again…Steve, David, Jake, Gareth and Neil on the boarding area

Jordan his three skydives so far today and ias of 2  o clock. Weather is just
perfect and we are on load number 20 for the day . Schweet .

End of day.

Things , the ” feeling ” at FFU Ocana have never been better and with the projects
in the pipeline we are very confident to be the number one choice
for both our new , low number and experienced jumpers both here in spain and
internationally. This weekend we have about 20 Spanish fun jumpers from Madrid
taking advantage of our services , thanks guys for your confidence. We did 29 full
loads today Saturday.