Stephen M’Gillvray is about to do his level 7 today

Today we only needed one of our Porters but the other 2 are ready to rock should
they be needed . Which is most likely at the weekends.

Boarding call on ” Kilo Delta ” . Sorry to harp on about our planes a little like
gleeful school kids but we did have major issues in the past thanks to our
” friends in the business “  :) which are now firmly behind us.

Edward Roscoe is rocking on .. having taken some time out to recover from his
Birthday celebrations … hes is now back solo skydiving.

Tom whats that face about???  Humm , thought today was a pretty cool day for
you… first birdman flight… humm first… you know that means beers are on you
tonight. You never ever tell dz folk about your firsts… :)

And the “Extreme” sky Team of the day is: Edward,Richard,Tim, Marc,Ian,kevin
and Litle Jane

Edward again

Ian Appleton is on his level 7.

We reckon some form of medical intervention is required if Kevin is to have this
smile taken of his face , since finishing the AFF course he just hasnt stopped
jumping or smiling .

Welldone Ian.. just after graduation. So… yippee.. more beers in cheers..

Ian is now jumping solo

Marc decide to start hisformation skydiving course. Once you finish your consols
and realy get cosy with solo freefall,,, you will know when you are ready to ad
other people to the equation and start to fly with other people. The BPA course
is probably the best way to prepare for this as you graduate with a tangible skill
in the sens that you are not only qualified but ” able “.

After taking one day off, Paul is back in the sky

We cant stop them… Richard is going up

Congratulations to Stephen he also passed his course today..  double thumbs up !

Looks like Tom have a new toy.. more on that tommorrow..