Marc Daily from Norhtern Ireland , who did the AFF course with us a year ago
is back for his third visit. Nice to have you back.

Ian Appleton.. Rock on …Level seven next !

Here he is landing on his level 6 , flying one of our Navigators which are now
the defacto canopies for the AFF school. We have recieved 4 more Nav 280s
expanding further our kit store and have in production another 4 sets of Wings

Mike meanwhile lands of a funjump on his PD Velocity.

Congratulations to Kevin Rawlinson  that finish his level 7 today and did his
first solo. Kevin just  hasnt stopped smiling since he got here. Congrats and
enjoy the celebration beers in Aranjuez this evening.

Big day today… both thumbs up  for Ian that also finish his aff course today.

And so did Adam … well done lads… Fiesta in cheers it seems with loads of
AFF graduates.

FFU Record for sure. Everybody thanks you for your time with us Tom. 220 skydives
since graduating a couple of weeks ago on the AFF program.

From Left to right: Craig, Richard, Adam, Miss Tom and Edward… the latest
recruits to the extreme team.

Off for one last sunset load, the most special of the day in ways as you know
its impossible to do more … a time also under canopy when you know your
doin something special as you glide down with the sun low in the sky.

See you tommorrow at the Freefall University Madrid :)