Kevin Ralinson  that did his GS yesterday is ready for his skydive, cool calm
and collected .. or is it shaken but not stirred ! Sweet , have a great time on the

Welcome to Adam Brickley, Kevin Rawlinson and Paul O’Sullivan that have 
just arrived for an AFF Course.

Also a big welcome to Ian Appleton thats also here for the AFF course with us.

Tom Smith,  we reckon hes gone AWOL in work given the amount of time he
has here now. Tom did his AFF course with us earlier in the year and in several
visits to the dropzone has racked up a total of 220 skydives.

Edward Roscoedid just great on his AFF course , pictured here just before his
AFF skydive number 7.

His friend Tim Smith also finished the course on the same load.

Congratulations guys and welcome to solo skydiving.

Welcome Stephen Gillivray here pictured  going through his paperwork before
starting the course.

Once you have the paperwork out of the way its straight into ground school
and module one ” Skydiving equipment ” in which you get to take a pararchute
rig apart and see how all the different elements combine to ensure you have a
safe jump. You learn about the main parachute, reserve , automatic activation
device and all the ” handles ” etc.

Big Thumbs up up for Edward that passed his course.

Also congratulations to Tim that also passed his course today

and Paul O’Sullivan as well,  AFF level one skydive coming up..

Adam Brickley did his first jump today and ended the day on level 4 next. We
could have done more together but you as the student get to set the pace . Many
people ask how many jumps can you do in a day , its really down to you with
advice from your tutor but 4 or 5 skydives is normally the limit. By that time
you will have been exposed to so much adrenaline you are fit only for an end of
day beer and bed !

Thumbs up too Ian . Great AFF level one skyydive and next level 2.

And the winner is…… Kevin Rawlinson…. 5 AFF skydives in one day . You have
every right to look proud as punch too your tutor tells me your doing just great.

Marta a recent AFF graduate tries an “upside down exit”. Bascially a ” back flip out the door.
Once you graduate the  accellerated freefall course you can try all manner of exits.
That being said we  do wish you to work closely with the AFF instructors as you
work through our  suggested solo skydive consol program. You can approach your consols
as an opportunity to have  fun but also meet specific traning objectives in preperation
for the issue of your license.

Here are some pictures from Ian Appleton on level 4 .

Here is the ” exit ” . The beginning of the level four skydive.  This is the first
skydive on the AFF course with one tutor. As you can see on this exit you are
” assisted ” by the tutor . Great job Ian .

Once settled into freefall a circle of awareness . Horizon ( its there and we are
the right way up ) , alti instructor … Perfect body position from the tutor ( below)

Then into the ” work ” of the skydive. On the level four skydive your objective
is to complete small 90 degree turns and maintain altitude awareness. Here Ian
is starting a turn to the left.

I remember from my own course this point to be a pivotal moment , when you
” see ” that you are skydiving solo.

Quick Alti check , goes without saying hte importance of this :)

Finally after completing this small Turns ( Great job Ian !! ) instructor may
come back to your side.  Perfect pull sequennce Ian . Arch , locate, throw , recover .

After you throw the pilot chute you are still at full speed untill the opening parachute
plucks you out of freefall.