First we present you the Team for our September 2008 BASE jumping course.

From left to right: Sonia (spanish), Ulli (German), Stratos (Greek also know as Hercules),
Stephen (Bulgarian, Ryan (England ) Craig and Ralf ( Scotland).

2 full days of packing lessons and base jumping at our student sites.

We also arranged some base type jumps from powered parachutes.

One day jumping from a paramotor for training

And of course base jumps from the more traditional objects such as this bridge.

Almost open , here we see Craig on his first jump with the canopy having a
nice on heading opening and beginning to pressurise.

Short delays are the order of the day when you are starting out.

Traditional parachute skills are a must before being permitted entyry to our
base course. Here we see Hercules get ready for landing. Remember you will
often jump in locations not well prepared for landing . This is why we assess
heavily your canopy skills before allowing you on the jumping portion of the course

Our course takes you along 4 different sites.

And later to a nice cliff. You dont have to jump all the objects and we will work
closely with you as make decisions.

Welcome to the wold of BASE craig. Now its back home to your Mentor in the



THE “Hercules”


A BIG BIG thank you to all the students who attended the BASE jumping course
with us. We look forward to seeing you back at the Freefall Uni again.