Welcome back to Tom Watson, Tom did his AFF Course last month and this
is the 3rd time he is back in Spain for more skydiving here at the Freefall Uni.

As if 2 aircraft wasnt enough to choose from we now have a third on the way.
The dropzone owners have confirmed our third Porter a PT6- 34 Porter will
arrive on Friday.  This is good news as it gives us even more dependability in the
fleet and means even though the Tandem skydiving school is up to an average of
140 tandems a week we see little to no delay in the manifest now for our growing
Spanish and European fun jumpers.

Happy faces this morning Denise is doing just great.

Have fun Denise….

Paul Sells, denise’s fis all smiles this morning , he did 4 skydives yesterday
and is reallt settling into it.

Ken, Ground school complete , lets go skydive !

Pilatus Zulu delta boarding call!

Big ” G´Day ! “  goes out to  to JP Taylorwho is from Australia. A Self confessed
adrenaline junkie JP is backpacking through Europe and booked his Spot on the
AFF course with us . Welcome and have fun.

Here we see him just before his level 3

Ken Williams is also doing great , he did 3 jumps so far today. Why the series
look Ken ( has he not told you passed with flying colours yet and are onto level
four next ? ) Andy his instructor is from Bristol.

Midweek our operation moves niceley along. There are spanish skydivers from
Madrid using our DZ in growing numbers the tandems take a few spaces but
mostly its ourselves here is a typical load full of students and their british

Thumbs up to you too JP !

About the Skydive Algarve boogie for all the people that have contacted us. Please give
us one more day to get the pricing for accomodation finalized.  It will be in the region
of 60 euros per night for a fully furnished appartment close to the beach , nightlife
and dropzone. We are getting photos of the lot sent up so stay tuned.