Micheal Lall , a former student of the AFF school came back for a few days of
training with us. Michael due to working overseas hadnt been able to skydive
for a while so went through some recurrency training. As you can see from his
smile he was glad to be back. Were glad your back too Michael, its always
nice to see former graduates return to continue their skydiving progression with us.

Graduate’s of the last few days: James Grant, Vijay Patel, Gwyn Llewelyn,
Daniel Hickling, Joanne Palfrey, Sarah Hughes and Andy McGrath sitting
on the first aircraft the dropzone owned when it opened 20 years ago ( Antanov).

Joanne Palfrey is racking up the consols now.

as i Sarah Hughes..

Michael, Jens, Matt, Darren, Chris and Joanne on boarding call ready to take the skies
to complete their routines.

Vijay Patel did great on his first consol with a lanfing within 15 metres of the

Sarah Meanehile cant be stopped , she is racking up the solos.

There is also a base jumping course at the moment. 5 experienced skydivers
are being put through the extended base preperation course. Their are a number
of days practical and theoritical work to get through here at the Freefall Uni before
heading of to pop the cherry on your first object.  Here you can see the guys maing
sure their packing technique is up to speed on seven cell canopies similar to the
ones used on the base jumps themselves.