Just to Let you guys know that I was chatting with James this morning about our boogie plans in Skydive Algarve and he let me know that their is a bunch of our graduates heading down to skydive Headcorn this weekend to skydive.

A few of our recent graduates have been talking about going there to continue their jumping . This weekend may well present the perfect opportunity to try this centre out. If you are newly graduated and havent yet jumped in the UK give me a call on 02078702505 and I can give Jane B a call in Headcorn to let her know you are coming.  I will also let James know so that you are both expected at the DZ and have the contact details of the gang who are planning to go.  So far Craig , Alfie , James and Monika are going to be there. James tells me there are others but he didnt have the names to hand when we spoke.