James Grant is graduated already . Happy days !

Darren Heap is also back for some more skydiving having completed the AFF course
with us earlier in the year.

Here is Kevin Bennet with lots of Style…

Wellcome back to Andrew McGrath, Andrew trained with us last year on one of
our AFF courses in August.

Trevor Berriman joined us for the AFF course  , he joined us as a result of the
reccomendation of Andrew, welcome

Daniel Hickling ready for level 5, you can see one of his solo jumps in the
video section.

Gwyn Llewelyn is racking up the solo jumps, great job. Be sure to get in touch
with us when you get home so we can help you get settled on your UK dropzone.

Sarah Hughes is also on level 5 today, sweet!

Also on level 5 we have Joanne Palfrey here with Mike ” Bond .. the names “Bond “..:)

Vijay Patel boarding for level 5 , have fun !

Andrew McGrath and James Grant boarding for solo jumps.. :)