Welcome back to Tertius back for some more fun jumping having completed
the AFF course wish us earlier in the year.

Glenn James pictured here looking proud as punch ready for his level 2 on the
course arrived yesterday , he did 5 skydives today in total and will graduate

Tyrone Saundersjoined us to complete the AFF course. He did 4 skydives today
and should complete the AFF course tommorrow also.

Nick Rose seen here waiting on Porter load number 27 for the day.

James Grant , what a smashing level one on the aff course with us at the FFU
Spain… no wonder you got a smile the size of a water melon on your face.

Matt Baber have fun on your AFF course. Matt is pictured here just before his
AFF course level one.

Tyrone Saunders , pictured here arrived yesterday for his AFF course.

Glenn James pictured here has arrived for his AFF course and did 4 out of the
8 levels on the BPA AFF  course today.