Welcome to Jim Nicolson,  Jim arrived yesterday for an AFF Course, after
ground training he is ready for the first level of the course.

Wellcome back to Deep Gandesha , Deep did his AFF course  not long ago and
decided to return for some solo skydiving.

David Smith joined us for some refresh training having taken a year out of the

And his friend Darren is going on the same load for his level 4 already…

Welcome to Martin Challimor that just arrived for an AFF Course at the FFU,
have fun , look forward to a few beers with you when you finish.

Nick Rose and Tyrone Saunders also arrived today for an AFF course , just getting redeady to start the ground school.

Tim Walsh and Steve Leund are also back for some more skydiving after a tour
of  Spain and Portugal last week, Tim and Steve did their aff course 2 weeks ago.
They are pictured here getting up to speed with emails etc in the rec room.
Welcome back guys.