Monday, 29 of September

Time to Mention our Birdman Program Mark 2 ,, its time to stop  falling and
start flying at the freefall Uni  ! We have a ton of birdmen suits on the way from
Yari in Birdman and will have some super duper stuff at the birds nest here in
the Freefall Uni. Super exciting stuff I tell ya . No better man to kick us of
than the super hero himself.  Welcome to the flight team.

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19 of September

Tim Smith getting ready for his first skydive jump after GS yesterday

Edward Roscoe is also ready this morning

After 4 days of pure adrenaline doing some BASE jumping in Portugal, Ralf and Craig are
back for some freeflying.

Paul Sells is almost there, level 5 next…

Congratulations to JP Taylor, from Australia, finished  his course in just 2 days…

Craig Jones is also skydiving solo now.

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