Some freefly fun for former graduates of the AFF programme. Schweet !

Monika is still around, check this exit…

Well come to Simon Loyns that join us for and AFF Course.

Harry Richmond that did his ground school yesterday, and has already completed
6 jumps of the course so far. We bought a lot of equipment from the Freefall
Addicts former owner Mike W when he disbanded the company a year ago.

And his friend Jamie Barclay doesnt want to stay on the ground either. He is on
pace to finish in 2 days also.

Chris Ryan is also on pace to finish today having started yesterday.

Feel free to take a dip in our pool .. ( all 25 meters of it ). This is open to
anybody who comes along with you.

Well come to Nick Verbire, Mrs Moneypennys friend that also walked onto the
dropzone today asking if he could do a ground school and get stuck in ..
Umm.. not a problem took as about an hour to make it all happen but he too has
already started to skydive.

Listen guys whats with the Guitars ? For those of you that dont know this is
Ryan , or Mr Plow .. or … umm. ok maybe not.. Schweet work your doin man.

well come back to Aron from Germany. Aron did his AFF course with us a few
weeks ago. Here Ulli signs up his refresh training and then its off on a load…

Some fun jumpers are also back, Here we have Dan Smith, Geoffrey Tsai and Ben Storey,
they did they AFF last May at the FFU…

Mrs Moneypenny started her AFF course on the 14 of August and have more
than 40jumps now. Formation skydiving next.

Well come back to Justin Camm, Justin did his AFF Course here 2 years ago..

James Clark on his 1st consol… well done James. He started yesterday morning
with us and is finished today. Welcome to skydiving and so glad we were
able to take care of you.

Simon Loyns is doing great… level 7 next , maybe we can get him up for his
first solo tonight.

Harry Richmond another prodige ,, off here on his level seven having done
ground school yesterday.

Chris Ryan also about to do his level 7… umm something goin on here at the

FFU. Glad you are having a great time Chris.

Jamie Barclay also level 7 next…

James Clark in the sky he got some digital pics on one of his consols. Get those
legs staight and you will really take off…

Absolute double thumbs up. Great course , much fun in the FFU sun.