The extreme team...James Turner, Craig, Desmond and Tom all graduated at the
FFU getting ready to jump together. As Tony the tiger would say their greeaat !

Michael Husmann about to do his level 7…

Here we see Ryan Cunnigham , Ryan just arrived to do his AFF Course.

Mike Sheppard, a student resident with his new toy… camera helmet.. Mike did
his AFF course with us and never went home. Give him sone time and he will
be teaching you at the rate he is progressing.

Monika did here AFF recently . She is getting ready for her BPA FS1 qualification
with Jane.

James Turner there is no stopping you !

Wellcome to Alastair Jamison, just arrived with His friend Rodger for an AFF.

Rodger Riley that came with his friend Alastair on the picture above… he
did their first 3 levels today.

Alastair getting ready…

Simon Carter also anew aff student that arrived yesterday for GS, todayhe is already
completing his first skydives.

Matt Parkin arrivingalso checked in for his AFF course with us. We aim to start
your ground school as soon as you arrive , assuming you have not been travelling
for too long to get here. This means you maximise your time , more skydiving and
less delays.

Welldone Michael Husmann, who graduated in 2.5 days.. Michael is from Poland
but living in Ireland and is pictured here discussing the exercises that he is about
to complete.

For those who dont know, Sylvan, one of our packers did his AFF Course at the
end of 2006.. After graduation he went home and closed his business and moved
bacl to become a permanent resident of the dropzone.

Matt Parkin is ready for his first jump…

Ryan just before exit on his level 3

Exit of level 3

A perfect level 3 on heading for the entire dive

Ryan Cunnigham , well done 4 skydives in one day and level 5 next !

Check that face on exit on a tandem skydive… Many people bring their partners
along for a holiday and as is the case here they complete a tandem skydive , pass
some time by the pool or head into MAdrid or Toledo.

Tom Smith is back for 3 more weeks of skydiving.. What is it about this thing ?

Rodger about to do his level 7 …

And so his friend Alastair..

Andy giving us some music:-) Andy we gotta get you on video but what
would you sing ?