Moneypenny ( :) ) is doing really good, here about to board the pilatus for her level 6
With Rory who joined the team some time ago. He is both a commerical pilot
with over 1000 hours and an AFF instructor with over one thousand skydives.

John Deady that also arrived 2 days ago is already on level 5

With lots of style here we have Mark Moir after his level 4

And when one group of students and instructors comes down another
one goes up. That can be up to 8 porter loads per hour.. Tim Walsh ready for his level 7…

Steven Leung , Tims friend is also here for the AFF course , a quick camera geek
after his level 6.

And now is time for Stuart Champion to go up! Stuard did his GS yesterday!

Richard Lancaster after his level 6 today… hes cracking on with it.

Wellcome to Michael Husmann, Michael just arrived and is starting the ground
school. He has former military experience of skydiving is from Germany but
joined us on the spur of the moment from another holiday in Ireland.

And Stuart just got back from his level 1.. great to see a smile on your face,
skydiving tends to have that effect !

Steven Leung deebriefing his last level in one of our debriefing rooms.