Welcome to Billy McKenziewho arrived for his AFF course.

Mrs. MoneyPenny arrived to complete the AFF course.

John Twomey , an AFF graduate from a few years back ( he was the 8th Graduate
of the AFF programe in the school when we were in Lillo )has recently gotten back
into the sport. He joined us to get current again and went on to do the FS1 ,
formation skydiving course.

Nathan Pinkney who completed the AFF course with us earlier this year has
joined us again for some more fun jumping.

Steven Leung joined us for the AFF course.

Stuart Champion on the right joined us for an AFF course

Willy Schryver on the left joined us for an AFF course. He is from London.

Brendan Kellegher about to Board the second pilatus with Ulli his AFF instructor.

Wellcome to Bryan he came to Madrid for some Fun jumping! Mark what are you
up to ?