27 of August

canopy flight course on the 13 and 14 of septmeber…

James Clark Grad

Chris Ryan Grad

Harry Richmond grad

Mrs Moneypenny  and Nick Verbire GRAD

Simon Loyns grad

Aroa Kovacs after level 5

James Clark exit

Chris Ryan exit

Jamie Barclay grad

Nick Verbire on consols

Aroa Kovacs about to do his level 7

the big smile after every jump…

Justin on consols aldo after the check dive…

Chris goes up again and again…

Aroa will fifnish his AFF today..

Congratulation to nine more Graduates in the last 2 days

We will send you a full upload tonight when things have settled down. Currently its go go go on the flight line but its already clear we will have nine new AFF graduates since Sunday morning. We have had people walk into the dropzone and ask to register on the spot for the AFF course based on friends reccomendations of the course . Nick Verbire ( right ) is one such guy, so glad you chose us on Mrs Moneypennys reccomendation 🙂 We would however suggest to people that given our bookings calander for the next weeks that people reserve their place with us in advance. This allows us fly more BPA instructors down from  London  if we see the need.

15Grads in 5 days : 100 jumps 3 weeks

We will update our news in the next Day. We have been skydiving non stop and have not had time to write the news. Especially as we all piled into Cheers for a few cold ones at the end of the day .We will wite an update in a day or so to let you know whats been going on at the Freefall University. FFU Students ( AFF and consolidation ) and instructors have made over 1000 jumps in the last week. We have had 15 people graduate from our AFF course in the last 5 days.

Tom Smith has also shatterred the school record for the must number of jumps after an AFF course completing 100 in three weeks. He has nipped home for a few days but will be back to do some more. He is pictured here I assume recieving congratulations from James… right.

15th of August

Welcome to Billy McKenziewho arrived for his AFF course.

Mrs. MoneyPenny arrived to complete the AFF course.

John Twomey , an AFF graduate from a few years back ( he was the 8th Graduate
of the AFF programe in the school when we were in Lillo )has recently gotten back
into the sport. He joined us to get current again and went on to do the FS1 ,
formation skydiving course.

Nathan Pinkney who completed the AFF course with us earlier this year has
joined us again for some more fun jumping.

Steven Leung joined us for the AFF course.

Stuart Champion on the right joined us for an AFF course

Willy Schryver on the left joined us for an AFF course. He is from London.

Brendan Kellegher about to Board the second pilatus with Ulli his AFF instructor.

Wellcome to Bryan he came to Madrid for some Fun jumping! Mark what are you
up to ?