Check it Out .. Max has got himself a freefly suit.. deftly modelled.

Stephen Smithl back for some more fun jumping arrived today.

Dave Donegan, the complete jet setter ! Every time we talk he is in some far corner of the world … still nice to see returning for some more jumping at the Uni ! ( David did his AFF course earlier this year )

Gareth Mullins just arrived for his AFF Course

Andrew Baskervville , great to see you back for more jumping having completed the AFF arriving earlier this year.

Shaun Owens arriving AFF a keen paragliding pilot decided to join us for the AFF course to take it one step further… Have a blast and welcome !

Vijay Ahuja returning to complet his AFF Course

Deep Gandecha arrived for an AFF Course, he just finish schooll! starts work in Sepetember in a credit card company!

Andrew Baskerville is already on lvel 6 next

Garteh Mullins here training for his level 5

Shaun Owen getting ready for level 4

Max Kamper just started his FS1 with Jane

Deep Gandecha bit smile after his level 1