5th of November

Well Come back to Andrew

Patrick Twomey is on level 5 today

Andrew on one of his special exits

Congratulations to Stuart, here we see him getting ready for one of his consols

Patrick Twomey on his level 5 exit with his instructor Mike

Stuart enjoying the view

Last day for Torsten. Torsten he is an actor back in Germany

Stuart after his landing

Torsten after his last jump in Spain

Congratulations to all our new AFF instructors.

Congratulations to all our new AFF instructors from the Academy , 9 in total from the UK , Spain , Germany and Portugal. To Those who did not pass the course due to the high standard set well done for participating and we hope that the feedback given will inspire you to train for future exams.

1st of November

All the candidates to the AFF Rating Course at the Freefall University

Well Come to Chris Wise that just arrived for an AFF Course

Some friends from Bulgaria

Well Come to Torsten Schier from Germany, just arrived for is AFF

Chris is going up for his level 3 with Andy and Jane…

Desert Boogie 2009

We are already chatting with Mark Zessin ( former AFF student and now a dropzone owner )  to organise the ” Dubai  Boogie 2009 ” in the UAE.  When we saw  this video along with some of the footage from our birdman team we knew it was something we had to do.

45 Loads in one day

We said goodbye to ” Charlie Papa ” our third porter which was a -20 Turbine as it doesnt fit with the philosophy of the dropzone due to its speed . We are pleased to support Skydive Lillo leasing it to them. This means we are reduced to 2 full time Porters  but no worries …  Today we flew 45 full loads in our 34 s  and the average climb rate to 13000feet was 2000 fpm  ( no bull ! ) , its a rocketship and by far the fastest in Spain.  Perhaps this is because its not limited in anyway in power . In any event the freefly event is going along great with a ton of Spanish and UK skydivers taking advantage of our load organising and coaching.  All our AFF students graduated and our returning guests from recent AFF courses got in the fun jumps also.  It was really nice to see the 2 aircraft work so well together , thanks to Aimee´s hard  but very efficent work in the manifest.  We didnt notice that the dropzone did 50 tandems today also as there were virtually no wait times.

The coming days will see more freefly training camp days and also 15 people take part in our AFF Instructors programme from the ”  Instructors Academy ” . During the next 2 weeks our delegates will be go through the USPA coach and AFF instructors programme .  Our philosophy in these courses is simple , to ensure top quality instruction for qualified candidates and  to ensure the costs are appropriate, we dont agree with the price inflation that has seen people pay in excess of 1000 euros for a ” few ” skydives.   We will have regular AFF Academy weeks in both Madrid and …. due to recruiting an AFF course director to the team. Wanne be an AFF instructor but scared of the cost ? Give us a call..